Thursday, February 11, 2016

Using the Magic Loom Bracelets

Have you seen those fabulous loom bracelets yet? There are several designs. The fishtail design is just about the easiest one. I discovered instead of getting a big loom, there are these marvelous finger looms. They remind me of the tiny knitting looms people used years ago to make crocheted ropes. When the length was long enough, you wrap it around and around in a circle and attach sides together with thread to make little rugs.

Anyway, Stacey, a colleague of mine, showed me how to make a loom bracelet into a fine motor tool. Having another idea for helping a child with a tripod grip is always good.

After making the bracelet (about 45-48 elastics long), attach an animal charm. When you notice a young child is having difficulty holding a pencil, simply bring out the "Magic Turtle", or "Magic Dolphin". Tell the child to hold this magic creature in place with the pinkie and ring finger. That leaves the other digits to hold the pencil. GENIUS!

Making a loom bracelet on a finger loom does not require you to use a crochet hook. Click HERE to see a video on how to make the basic bracelet, if you don't see it embedded below:

I am not affiliated with any companies which manufacture any of the products shown above. This is for your personal information and usage. It's all about helping those wonderful kids with learning.

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